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Awesome! Really dig your art style, very nice! 

Thank you very much for the feedback! :)

No sweat.  I purchased quite a bit of your work cos I thought it was cool, I was wondering do you undertake custom projects, because depending on the need of my game project, I may need more "Survival Type Items" and perhaps other themed stuff.  I'll keep you informed and maybe I can email you about it, when the time is right.  Keep up the great art! 

Thank you for the purchase, I really appreciate you chose my asset packs! 

Feel free to email me on any subject - ahninniah[@] 

Love the art love the designs had to sign up to this website to leave this comment. but the time is worth it.Interested in custom work please hit me up some how. Hope you could make a fire pit sprite sheet

Thank you very much for the feedback! You can contact me via email - ahninniah[@]